Best Butt Exercises for Women

Women always ask me what are the best exercises for a firmer tighter butt. With our Wedding and honeymoon in less than 6 months, Demi has requested my help to get her bod into top shape. So today I planned this very workout to get her started and back on track. 

If you hadn't noticed, it's all about the big bums and little waists at the moment. It's all over instagram, that side selfie where you get best angle of there butt to make it look big and perky.


There are some great exercises such as squats and deadlifts that will indeed hit your glutes but there are some complaints that your thighs also get bigger as a result. Here are some great alternatives that isolate and target your butt muscles even better, making them slightly more effective. 


Do these as a circuit as outlined at the bottom of this post at home or at the gym for a firmer tighter butt.  


Sumo Pulsing Squat 

We kick it off with a sumo squat with a pulse. The aim of the pulse is to activate your glute muscles even more than you would during a typical sumo squat. With a wider stance you'll feel your adductor muscles kick in which are great for toning your inner thighs. 


Curtsey Lunge

Lunge for the Queen. This is a great exercise that helps tighten and tone your glutes and hamstrings. Add a little jump for increased intensity. 


This exercise requires some coordination, if you experience any knee pain stop and move onto the next exercise. 


Glute Bridge/ Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are one of my favorite exercises for the glutes. If you are a beginner then it's wise to start with a glute bridge and then move on to the hip thrust exercise when the bridge becomes too easy.


The video explains both exercises well. 



Glute Kickbacks

Done properly glute kickbacks will tighten and tone your butt in no time by isolating your glutes. Be sure to spread your weight evenly on all three limbs while one leg is working. Try not to lean to one side. 



The Circuit

Do the set number of reps as outlined below. Do 4 Rounds.


Sumo Squats with Pulse x 30

Curtsey Lunge x 30 total reps

Glute Bridge or Hip Thrusts x 30

Glute Kickbacks x Failure (as many as you can)


With each exercise make sure you activate your glute muscles, this means to squeeze and contract them. Only rest when you need to and try to keep it to a minimum. 


I'm getting Demi to do it now!


Have fun. 


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