Berry, Cacao and Oat Breakfast Protein Smoothie

This breakfast protein smoothie is amazing, blueberries, oats, raw cacao and schocolate protein poweder. Umm, try this high protein smoothie today.

This is one one my go to breakfast protein smoothies and we’ve found a use for those cacao nibs hiding in your food cupboard.

Unless you have time and a stomach for eggs in the morning it can be difficult to get enough protein in. This berry, cacao and oat breakfast protein smoothie gives you just that. With enough protein at 23g and a total calorie intake of 300. There is about 30g of carbohydrates 13g of which are from sugar which is mostly from the blueberries.

You will need some sort of blender, I love my Nutribullet and its ideal for making protein shakes in as it cuts through any lumps you might get with a regular hand held shaker. and of course you need one to be able to process all the other ingredients.

If you’re on a keto diet or low carb and wanted to reduce your carbs to go carb free, you need to remove the oats completely or even go one step further and use water instead of a nut milk.  I switched to coconut milk as the nutribullet froths up cow’s milk too much which makes drinking it a mission. Check the macros on the back of the milk you use to see what its sugar content is.

Here’s the recipe.

Berry, Cacao and Oat Breakfast Protein Smoothie

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Prep Time5minutes
Total Time5minutes


  • 2tbspOrganic Oats
  • 1ScoopVanilla Protein Powder
  • 1CupFrozen or Fresh Blueberries Berries
  • 1Cup Coconut Milk or alternative
  • 1/2Cup Ice
  • 1tspRaw Cacao Nibs or Powder


  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender.

  2. Blitz for 20-30 seconds.

  3. Enjoy

Recipe Notes

Feel free to use whatever protein powder you have.

There you have it a simple breakfast protein smoothie. Have fun with your smoothies, this is also great with half a banana and strawberries. One for another day!

Experiment with other nuts and seeds to get some extra nutrients in that you normally wouldn’t get.

Let us know if you enjoyed it.

Berry Cacao and Oat Breakfast Protein Smoothie for Weight Loss. Delicious healthy morning protein shake.