quick Fat Blasting HIIT Workout For Women

We love this fat burning HIIT workout for women. No equipment needed workout at home for women to lose weight and get super fit in no time at all.

In need of a fat-blasting HIIT workout to feel better about your sins? You and me both!

If you hadn’t noticed we haven’t been posting much lately. That’s because we got married!

We kept it on the down low but we’ve decided to share more of what we get up to from now on. Now that the kids are back at school and we’ve had a long holiday it’s time we got back into shape, mainly me, Demi looks the same although she doesn’t feel it.

Before the wedding I had her on a 6-week training plan which she hated and then loved. I originally planned a Beginners HIIT Plan but I underestimated how unfit she was.

2 years after having our second child and not much exercise between our first and second baby meant she wasn’t ready. So we changed it to a simpler routine that focused on movement and strength rather than trying to kill her.

Now that she’s got her base level of fitness up I’m going to get her doing some more HIIT and then the plan is to share that with you once a week and then post up some more advanced HIIT workouts that I do with some of my fitter clients to do.

So each week expect, a beginner’s HIIT, an intermediate to advanced Bodyweight or minimal equipment HIIT plus a weights-based HIIT.

Today we are kicking things off with a simple yet challenging HIIT for women that uses just your body weight.

The Workout

Perform ROUND 1 followed by a 2-minute rest and then go straight into ROUND 2. Once completed rest again for 2-4 minutes and repeat for a total of 2 rounds.

Round 1

10 Burpees
30 Star Jumps
20 Press Ups
20 Star Jumps
30 Squat Jumps
10 Star Jumps


30 Burpees
10 Star Jumps
20 Press Ups
20 Star Jumps
10 Squat Jumps
30 Star Jumps


Congratulations on completing our Quick Fat Blasting HIIT Workout! In just a few minutes, you’ve unleashed a powerful fat-burning force, leaving you invigorated and one step closer to your fitness aspirations.

Remember, consistency is key, so make this routine a regular part of your journey. Here’s to your strength, resilience, and the incredible results that await as you continue to conquer each session with determination and grace. Keep shining, keep sweating, and keep becoming the best version of yourself! 💪

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