Home HIIT Workout For Busy Mums

If you’re anything like Demi, finding time to workout is always a challenge, luckily for you our home HIIT workout for busy moms should hit the spot.

Demi is always telling me she has no time to workout. While our eldest is at school she’s at home with our 2 year old. He’s so active it’s unreal.

If you have a child and you’ve tried to workout at home with them around you’ll have most likely experienced how excitable they get when they see you attempting to exercise.

They’ll either jump all over you or start crawling under you when you’re doing a press up or plank, it’s a nightmare. I find it hilarious but getting a workout in is tougher than it should be.

With that in mind if you can’t keep them occupied it’s best to get it done as quickly as possible.

As with all our workouts we try to keep them short and sweet. That’s why HIIT is so effective. High intensity Interval training allows you to cram in a lot of work in a short space of time whilst still giving you most of the benefits or a long cardio or weight session. This workout can be started and completed in under 20 minutes.

I know time is limited but try to make sure you do it for you. Being able to work out will give you more energy for the day, making you more productive with whatever work or chores you have to do.

Maybe you just need more energy to play with you children or is it just to be happy. Being able to fit just a short amount of exercise in does wonders for our mental health.

Try to get into a routine of when you train as you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

Morning workouts are best as you have less time to put it off and do other things instead! Maybe after the school run if you have children at school or after your partner goes out to work. Or better yet get a friend or parent over in the morning for coffee so they can watch the little one for a bit.

It’s time to train. This week’s beginners HIIT.

The Workout – Home HIIT Workout For busy MOMS

Complete the following warm up before starting the main workout after.

Set your interval timer for 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off (have sorter rest interval if you want a faster or more intense workout).

At the end of the 6 exercises rest for 1 minute and repeat. Aim for four rounds (jumpy kids dependant)

  1. Push-Ups Shoulder Taps
  2. Alternate Lunge Jumps
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. In Out Squats
  5. Squat Thrusts
  6. Walkouts with Jump
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Press Up – Shoulder Taps

For this exercise, you do a normal press up as you would and once you have completed one rep you touch your opposite shoulder. So left hand taps right shoulder, hand goes down, then right hand taps left shoulder. Repeat this process. Press up then tap each shoulder.

Alternating lunge jump/ lunges

You may have heard this as dynamic lunges. You start in a split squat position. That would be one big step forwards (let’s say right leg forward and left leg back)and then kneel,  knees should be at right angles when the back knee is on the floor. That’s your start position. From there jump up and switch your legs so now the left leg is forward. Lower the back knee down but do not hit the floor as this will hurt and then jump and switch again and again.

Mountain climbers

In a high plank position. That’s hands on the floor under shoulders and body erect on your toes. Lift one leg up towards your elbows whilst keeping your body aligned from shoulders to toes. Switch and repeat.  It’s like high knees but you’re in a high plank position on the floor. Run for a cardio effect or go slowly for a more effective core workout.

In out Squat Jumps

Start standing with your feet together, now jump your feet out into a wide stance or sumo stance position and land into a squat. Then jump up bringing your feet back together in the middle, and then out again. You only squat on the wide stance.

Squat thrusts

The bottom part of the Burpee, here in England we call then squat thrusts. In a high plank position and feet about hip width jump your feet in and under your hips. Do not let your hips drop when your feet make contact under the hips. Instead, engage your core and immediately jump them back.

Walk Out with jump

Start standing with feet just wider than your hips. I like to squat rather than bend here to protect your lower back. Squat down and then fall gently forwards onto your hands and then walk with your hands forward into a high plank position. from there walk back in, drop the hips so you are sitting in a deep squat and then jump up.

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Remember the hardest part is staring and then repeating. Find your routine and find your workout. Do it for yourself because you deserve it.

Fave fun!

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