How To Lose Weight Fast In One Week

So you’re on a mission to lose some weight and fast. Well maybe it’s time you learned how to lose weight fast in one week.

Find out how to lose weight fast with these easy to follow steps. Lose weight fast in one week.

A holiday, wedding or major event and you need to drop a few pounds fast to get into that dress or bikini. Maybe you have a hot date and want to feel more confident.

You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight quickly, you just need to know what to eat and what not to eat. In fact, done correctly you shouldn’t feel hungry at all.

Whenever a client comes to me and says, “Luke I need to lose weight for my friend’s wedding and its next week”, I usually roll my eyes and say “why didn’t you come to me 6 weeks ago. It’s good though, we’ve got this”.  And then I get them on a 7 day intense plan to get that weight off and here’s what you can expect.

What can you really expect to lose in one week, let’s be honest. It depends, each person is different. We’ve had clients lose up to 10 lbs in their first week on our 6 week challenge.

Most of that weight loss will be excess water plus some fat and muscle most likely.  Each day you’ll notice small changes in your body as your thighs and hips start to shrink.

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How To Lose Weight Fast In One Week

As well as following these do’s and don’ts the basic idea is to remove or reduce carbohydrates from your diet including all refined sugars. This helps your body start to reduce the amount of water it holds on to and helps your body start to burn more fat for energy. Our 7 Day Challenge will help you get started.



Avoid alcohol

We all know alcohol is bad for us and after a stressful day it does take the edge off a bit, I know I’ve been there on a hot summer day. However and you’ve probably heard it before, why would you want to drink unnecessary calories.  One glass can easily turn into a bottle and a bottle can have up to 700 calories in.

What happens when we drink alcohol, we get a little bit peckish, we raid the cupboards and the fridge. Right!? So for the next 7 days, make a pact with me that no alcohol shall pass your lips. Say it out loud and say it proud. “Luke and Demi no alcohol will pass these lips”.

Remove Refined Sugar

Okay so I mentioned this before.  You need to force your body to burn fat. Its preferred energy source is glucose so if you take that away it must find another source of energy.

I fight with my sister about this all the time. Natural or not it’s still a sugar and the body will use it for energy. When you want to lose weight fast you need to reduce or cut sugars down to a minimum.

I mean allow yourself low sugar fruits and sugars in vegetables. Just do not add any unnecessary sugars to your diet. Including honey and maple syrup. Calories are not all created equal.

100 calories from chicken vs. 100 calories from a chocolate bar will be processed very differently. The protein will make you feel fuller as it digests slower compared to the chocolate bar which will cause a sugar and insulin spike in your bloodstream. By having a naturally low in sugar food your body will maintain its fat burning process.

Take a look at how to reduce your sugar intake post here.




Up Your Lean Protein and Veg

As you’ve reduced your carbohydrate intake you still need calories and energy from somewhere. Lean protein, plant or animal-based should be low in carbs. Ideally fish, poultry and eggs as they contain minimal carbs whilst being superior in protein and the later two low in fat.

Greens and vegetables should dominate your meals in terms of portion size. Be generous with your vegetable portions as the fiber will help you feel full and the nutrients will help in normal bodily function.

So if you’re feeling hungry, veggie it up!

5 to 6 small meals a day works best for maintaining a constant fat burn throughout the day spaced by 3 hour intervals. we have a few great posts here that you might like with high protein low carb meal ideas.

Get our FREE 7 Day Challenge to help better understand the diet.

Drink More Water

Improve the performance of your body and keep it hydrated. This will ensure your body can metabolize and transport fat more effectively.

If you’re not already getting 2 litres of water a day, start by aiming for 2 litres. That’s water, not juice, tea or coffee.


Burn Up Some Calories

Just start by trying to increase how much you move in a day. Whilst the diet will help reduce your calorie intake exercise will also help. If you already exercise daily, is there anything else you could do.

Can you walk more to and from work or can you find 30 minutes a day to walk? Maybe you could do both.

If you do not exercise why not try some of our beginners’ workouts that we have on our site such as Demis’ booty beautiful butt workout. It’s gentle and can be done at home with no equipment or if you want something tougher try these

So there you have it, be sure to utilize all of these tips as they are most effective when done together. If you liked this post be sure to pin it to Pinterest!

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Find out how to lose weight fast with these easy to follow steps. Lose weight fast in one week.
Use these 6 tips to help you lose weight fast in only 1 week. Rapid weight loss tips.
This is how you lose belly fat fast when you've only got 1 week to get into shape for a special occasion. Lose weight fast in a week with these quick and easy to follow weight loss tips.