Do this Warm Up before each HIIT workout

Your pre HIIT warm up to get you ready for that fast paced workout that will follow.

So just how do you warm up properly for a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout? Do you even need to warm up for HIIT?

HIIT is all about working our as hard as you can while being efficient and injury free, so you can keep training hard and getting those killer results.

Failure to warm-up will increase your risk of sustaining an injury. something you defiantly do not want. With that said, some people need to warm up more than others.

By warming your body up before your workout will discover that your workouts will be that much better. Not surprisingly, warming up before exercise has been proven on multiple occasions to increase athletic performance, see the review study here.

This cardio warm-up for HIIT is similar to a general pre-workout warm-up in that your main objective is to get your joints mobilized, muscles warm and heart rate foreign, all in preparation to go at it in the workout.

Because HIIT is usually very intense, making sure you warm up before your tough HIIT workout critically important.

In the video below Demi will show you the pre-HIIT warm-up exercises in this routine that we typically do before our HIIT workouts. Bear in mind that the intensity of your warm-up will reflect the workout that will follow and should take into account your fitness levels. This cardio warm-up might be hard for some and easier for others and that’s fine. Your main objective is to mobilize your joints and get nice and warm, heart beating, blood flowing, ready for action.

HIIT Warm Up Routine

Part 1 – 1 Round

  • Hip Rotation – 10/ side
  • Thorasic Reach Throughs – 6 x 5 second holds
  • Cat and Camel Stretch – 5 second holds x 3/ side

Part 2 – 2 Rounds

  • 30 High Knees /leg
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Walkouts
  • 20 Glute Bridge

Do this warm-up before each HIIT workout, I doesn’t take long and will help reduce the risk of injury and actually make you perform better in your workout.