60 Nutrient-Dense Plant-Based Vegan Recipes Almost Anybody Can Enjoy

Make the switch to a plant-based diet easier with these healthy plant-based recipes any vegan would approve of. With over 60 plant-based recipes to chose from there should be a recipe that almost anyone can enjoy.

Switching to a plant-based diet comes with its own challenges, especially if you are used to having meat-based meals over the years. Going green has all sorts of added health benefits from weight management to reducing blood pressure and even some cancers but in general, eating more nutrient-dense meals will help improve all aspects of your overall health and wellbeing.

Making the switch may be a life choice or a recommendation from your doctor. Whatever the reason we wanted to give you a helping hand with some delicious nutrient-dense plant-based recipes that you can start making today to reap the rewards plants have to offer.

Eating a plant-based diet does not mean you have to be vegan. Being vegan is more than just what you eat, it is also about abstaining from all animal products and the treatment and wellbeing of animals. Some vegans go as far as not consuming honey or produce that exploits the use of bees such as avocados, kiwis, and butternut squats for example. You may be here just because you want to see how eating a plant-based diet “vegan diet” can benefit you.

What’s more, you may only want to enjoy plant-based meals on certain days of the week and that’s fine, in fact, it’s a great way to start incorporating plant-based recipes, you are not a vegan, you just eat plant-based meals now and again.

There are arguments, strong arguments that being 100% vegan (in terms of diet) is not great for long term health. There are some vitamins such as vitamin B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, calcium and vitamin D that if you are not careful you could develop a deficiency.

So, before we dive into the recipes here are a few reasons why switching to a plant-based diet could be good for you.

Improved health

Eating a plant-based diet undoubtedly will improve your overall health. Plants have an abundance of essential nutrients in them that you simply cannot get from meat alone.

Have you ever noticed that when you avoid fruit and veggies for a while you start to feel generally unwell? Over time this can lead to all sorts of problems such as vitamin deficiencies, digestive issues, cancer, metabolic disorders, and visual problems to name just a few.

Plants are so important for your overall health not to mention the positive effects it can have on your weight loss journey.

Switching to a plant-based diet can have it’s benefits to your weight also. All of these vegan recipes are great for weight loss.

Because all of these vegan recipes are pack full of healthy ingredients you will find it extremely hard to overeat, thus helping you to lose weight.

A diet high in fruit and vegetables can help reduce your chances of getting heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce your chances of getting visual and digestive problems while promoting healthy cell development and keep your immune system in top condition.

A natural source of Antioxidants

The nutrients found in plant-based foods can also help to fight inflammation within the body as they are packed full of antioxidants. A long-term build-up of inflammation caused by “free radicals” can lead to arthritis and some cancers. Foods that are high in antioxidants are.

  •  Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Bilberries, dried
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Kale
  • Goji berries
  • Raspberries
  • Pomegranate
  • Red and green chilies
  • Prunes
  • Beetroot
  • Herbs and spices


Herbs and spices are super high in antioxidants so go crazy. (Source)

Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

Eating a mostly plant-based diet can help you lose weight. You can still eat badly on a plant-based diet however it is much harder but the main difference between eating a plant-based diet and mostly meat is that in general plants have a low-calorie density while having a high nutrient density (which is good for overall healthy). Why is this more favorable for losing weight?

We always recommend that you fill up on veggies and this is for a good reason. Because veggies are low in calories and you can eat a lot of them, guilt-free. Meaning you can eat more, and you will fill your stomach up. Add in the sheer volume you can eat whilst staying low in calories plant-based meals are extremely high in fiber which will also help you feel fuller for longer. Fibre also helps to stabilize your blood sugars, improves your gut health, and can help lower cholesterol, (source).

500 calories of just veggies is a lot in terms of actual food volume, compared to a 500-calorie slice of pizza or 4 tablespoons of olive oil, which would just be a drop in the ocean in comparison.

Healthy Plant-Based Recipes

Up your veggie game with plant based vegan recipes. Here are over 40 vegan recipes to help you get started eating better.

To help you start eating more plant-based recipes and hopefully improve your overall health here are over 40 vegan/ plant-based recipes for dinner and lunch to help you get going. There should be something for most tastebuds to try.

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Healthy Vegan Recipes - Mains

Switching to a plant-based diet, even if it's just a few meals a week can significantly improve your overall health. here are some amazing vegan/ plant-based recipes to get you started.

Plant-Based Breakfasts, Treats, Snacks and Sweets

Treat yourself with one of these plant based sweets and treats recipes. The vegan chocolate recipe is the best.

Being vegan means you still get to enjoy a lot of tasty treats. Here are some treats, snacks, and sweet recipes.

Plant Based Sweet Breakfasts, Snacks, Sweets and Treats

Indulge yourself with these tasty sweet treats from homemade granola to vegan plant-based cake.

So there you have it, over 60 plant-based recipes that any vegan would approve of. Hopefully, you can find a few recipes here that you can enjoy and start living a healthier life. Who knows, you may love it so much you go all the way and completely switch to a plant-based diet. 

Start your plant-based doet off the right way with these healthy vegan recipes.