20 Minute Advanced Fat Burning HIIT Workout

It's about time we started burning some calories, let's begin with our 20 minute advanced fat burning HIIT workout you can do at home at any time.


If you're new to this blog, welcome. I'm Luke a personal trainer from England. I train women of all abilities where I teach them how to lose weight and stay lean through HIIT and clean eating. Demi, my now Wife as of last month, is also one of my clients and every Monday I share her workout of the week which is aimed at beginners. So if that's you then you might enjoy her workouts more than this one.


HIIT is a great fat burner. Not only will you be sure to burn a tone of calories during this workout but you'll enjoy a raised metabolism for up to 72 hours after, perfect for fat burning. That doesn't mean you can have 3 days off though. Maximise your fat loss and train AT LEAST every other day. Combine this with our 7 day clean eating plan and watch the fat melt away. If you're already a lean mean fat burning machine you'll benefit form the fitness gains. 


It's been a busy week at the gym, I've been testing out a load of HIIT workouts with my fitter clients to make sure the workouts I give you are on the money. This ladder HIIT went down really well with my fitter female clients. I always get pleasure out of their pain and suffering, that's when I know it's a good one!


If you're wondering what a ladder workout is its very simple. You either ascend or descend through reps as  so you either climb up or down a ladder. In this workout you'll start with high reps and descend down through the reps exercise by exercise as you'll soon see.


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The Workout - 20 Minute Advanced Fat Burning HIIT Workout


Ladder HIIT

One round as fast as you can of;


  1. 60  Circular Mountain Climber
  2. 50 In Out Squats
  3. 40 Plank Jacks
  4. 30 Skater Jumps
  5. 20 Spiderman Press Up
  6. 10 Burpee Lunge


1. 60/ leg x Circular Mountain Climber

These are a variation of the standard mountain climber where you drive your knees up towards your elbows one at a time when in the high plank position. This variation requires you to move your legs around in a half circle as you are running them. Allow your upper body to turn with your legs.


2. 50 x In Out Squat Jumps

Start standing with your feet together, now jump your feet out into a wide stance or sumo stance position and land into a squat. Then jump up bringing your feet back together in the middle, and then out again. You only squat on the wide stance.


3. 40 x Plank Jacks

Another great core exercise. In the low plank position jump your legs out to shoulder width and then back in again to toes together. Maintain a flat back and straight legs throughout.


4. 30/ total x Skater Jump                    

To perform the skater jump start standing on your right leg, crouch down slightly and jump up and to the left landing on just your left leg, ho into a half squat and then jump back. Repeat. 


5.  20 x Spiderman Press Up

Perform your normal press up as you would except as you lower yourself down towards the ground you lift one knee up to and out to the side aiming for your elbow on the same side. You can do this in the full or half press up.


 6. 10 x Burpee Lunge

This is a hybrid of the Burpee and lunge. Starting with a lunge take a big step forwards and drop the back knee down to about 1 inch off the ground, in this position both knees should roughly be at right angles. Push yourself back up driving back through the front legs heal. Repeat on the other leg. So you've done 2 lunges one per leg, now do your Burpee. Hands to the floor, jump your legs back together until your body and legs are straight with shoulders over wrists. Jump your legs back in to a flat foot position and then jump up.


Just do one round as quickly as you can. If you liked this workout give us a comment below so we know to make more advanced fat burning HIIT workouts.



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