Fun Bodyweight Workout For Weight Loss

Who said working out can't be fun. This body weight workout is actually a pretty fun quick workout routine that you can do at home in under 20 minutes.

Let’s burn a few pounds with this fun bodyweight workout for weight loss. Yes you heard me fun. Although there are plenty of exercises suited for high intensity interval training or HIIT, we tend to stick to the same standard exercises as they are most effective but they can get boring.

HIIT is possibly the best way to burn fat fast compared to other forms of training.

It’s best done with some resistance but when its impossible to get hold of some added weights your bodyweight is the next best thing.

This Fun Bodyweight workout for weight loss not only helps you start burning some serious calories long after you’ve finished but it’s sure to make you fitter and full of energy.

This workout is great for beginners or intermediates. In fact it’s one that I gave to Demi as she’s starting to progress through our workouts nicely now, showing signs that she’s getting fitter.

So I thought I’d throw in some new exercises and make them slightly more challenging. 

The Workout – Fun Bodyweight Workout For Weight Loss

Be sure to warm up before you start the workout below. Here’s a warm-up we use.

What You Need – All you need for this workout is a yoga mat and stopwatch. We use “Interval Timer by dreamspark” it’s free and does the job.

  • Beginner – 40 sec. on 20 sec. off
  • Intermediate – 40 sec. on 10 sec. off
  • Advanced – 40 sec. Rolling

Complete in a circuit format one after the other.

  1. Walk Outs with 180 Jump
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Lateral Squat Jump
  4. Wide Stance Squat Thrust
  5. Frog Jump
  6. High To Low Plank

Rest for 1 minute after each round. Repeat  3 – 4 rounds

The Exercises

1. Walk Outs with 180 Jump

Start standing with feet  just wider than your hips. I like to squat rather than bend here to protect your lower back. Squat down and then fall gently forwards onto your hands and then walk with your hands forward into a high plank position. From there walk back in, drop the hips so you are sitting in a deep squat and then do a 180 degree jump so you are now facing the opposite direction and begin the next walk out.

Note: alternate the direction you spin so that you work both sides of your body and get a good oblique workout. Plus you avoid getting dizzy from all the spinning.

2. Plank Jacks

Another great core exercise. In the low plank position jump your legs out to shoulder width and then back in again to toes together. Maintain a flat back and straight legs throughout.

3. Lateral Squat Jump

The lateral squat jump adds extra Glute activation in to the traditional squat jump so is great for tightening and toning the outer thighs and Glutes. Start with a squat and as you jump up, jump to your left, into a squat and then jump up to the right back into your starting position and repeat.

4. Wide Stance Squat Thrust

The bottom part of the Burpee, here in England we call them squat thrusts. In a high plank position and feet about hip width jump your feet in and under your hips. Do not let your hips drop  when your feet make contact under the hips. Instead engage your core and immediately jump them back.

5. Frog Jump

This is always a fun exercise. In a wide stance squat down and touch the floor with both hands before jumping up as high as you can. Become that frog.

6. High To Low Plank

Start this in a high plank position which is, hands placed under your shoulders on the floor, body stretched out to your toes. From this high plank you take one arm and bring it down to the floor so you are on your forearm, repeat the other side so that you finish in a low plank. Once down, push back up one arm at a time until you return to the high plank position once more.

The high to low plank is a great exercise for your triceps whilst targeting your core for a stronger and flatter stomach.

Feel free to increase the work time or reduce the rest time, bear in mind HIIT is designed to be maximal effort. So if you are struggling to complete the exercises in the time given sometimes a shorter work interval is better with maybe 5 or 6 rounds instead of the 3-4. That way you are still working for the same amount of time but now you’re working harder.

If you are looking for further workouts like this we have more bodyweight and weighted HIIT workouts here.

Who said working out can't be fun. This body weight workout is actually a pretty fun quick workout routine that you can do at home in under 20 minutes.
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