5 Minute Ab Workout For Women To Get Flat Abs

Get flat toned abs with this super quick 5 minute ab workout for women using a mix of exercises to work your entire core. Abs workout for women.

Today’s workout is a super quick 5 minute ab workout that I usually like to add to the end of my client’s HIIT routine or if me and Demi are feeling like we need an abs top up we get down and do this workout.

If you know me you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of ab workouts but I Demi loves them, and so do most of my clients.

5 minutes may not seem long but it really is all you need for a great effective abs workout. If you are following our home HIIT workouts you’ll know that your abs are always being engaged throughout those workouts.

What’s more, it’s these high-intensity workouts where you’ll focus on burning that unwanted belly fat.

You need not spend too much time working your abs, you would be better off spending more time doing something else that burns more calories or focuses on other muscle groups.

I promise you’ll feel the burn after just 2-3 minutes of this 5-minute ab workout.  For toned flat abs fast, do this 5-minute abs workout at least 3 days a week.  Either do it at the end of your HIIT workout or on its own on your rest days.

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What the secret to great looking abs?

So the big secret to great looking abs is variety. By doing a range of different ab exercises you’ll work the entirety of your core making sure you hit all of the different muscle groups.

Your  “abs”  are actually made up of the main two superficial muscles the obliques and rectus abdominis. And then you have the deeper-lying internal abdominal obliques and transverse abdominis muscle. All of which work collectively to give you that flat toned midsection.

Your workout: 5 Minute Ab For women

So in your 5-minute ab workout, there are 5 exercises that you’ll do for 30 seconds each. There is no between each exercise and you’ll repeat the 5 exercises for 2 rounds. So get your timer set to 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. I like this one called “Interval Timer“, it’s free and simple to use. Set it for 5 rounds.

What you need: Optional Exercise Mat.

30 seconds of each exercise.

  • Alternate Leg V-Sit
  • Ab Cycle
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Raised Leg Crunch
  • Heel Taps 

Perform 2 rounds without any rest between each exercise…if you can.

Get flat toned abs with this super quick 5 minute ab workout for women using a mix of exercises to work your entire core. Abs workout for women.


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the ab exercises

1. Alternate Leg V-Sit

The V-Sit is a great abdominal exercise but it’s also very difficult to do whereas the Alternate Leg V-Sit is a perfect alternative.

  • Start by laying on a mat arms and legs outstretched making yourself as long as possible.
  • Lift your right leg up and at the same time bring both arms up and over your head towards your right leg crunching in the middle as the meet.
  • Return arms and leg back to start position and repeat on the left leg.
  • In the video the lady sits all the way up, this is very effective if you let your leg come further over your body and crunch rather than sit up. And it’s better for your spine.

2. Ab Cycle

Don’t be fooled by the ab cycle exercise. It is one of the hardest ab exercises in our 5 minute ab routine.

  • Lying on a mat, put your hands behind your head and gently support your head with your fingers.
  • Lift your knees toward your chest and lift your shoulder blades up off the floor.
  • Twist your body toward the right, bringing your right elbow toward your left knee as you extend your right leg out straight.
  • Switch sides by bringing your left elbow toward your right knee and extending your left leg.
  • Continue in this pedalling motion.

3. Reverse Crunches

This is the exercise that will help flatten the lower part of your abs. This is the area most of us struggle with so do not skip this if you want a flat belly.

  • Lay on the flow and place your hands under your glutes.
  • With your legs bent roll your hips lifting your legs up and over your body.
  • Be sure not to kick your legs up and try to maintain the same leg bend throughout the movement.

4. Raised Leg Ab Crunches

The classic ab crunch is a great upper ab exercise. By raising your legs it engages the lower part of your abs for an even more effective exercise giving you faster results.

  • Start by laying on the floor with your legs as straight as you can comfortably have them with your feet directly above your hips.
  • Place your hands either, beside your temples, across your chest or in the air as if you are reaching for your ankles.
  • Lift your shoulder blades up and off the floor and lower back down again squeezing your abdominal muscles to perform the lift, there is very little movement.
  • Keep your lower back on the floor

5. Heel taps

These are a fun exercise that target your upper abs and oblique muscles. They are harder than they look and finish off the 5 minute ab routine nicely.

  • Start by laying on the floor with your legs bent and feet on the floor.
  • Crunch up by lifting your upper body up so that your shoulders are off the ground.
  • From here reach as far as you can down one side of your body aiming for your heels.
  • repeat each side of your body. Keeping your abs engaged at all times by remaining in the crunch position.

Make sure your heels are in reach as the act as a target for you to touch with your hand.

This is a tough 5 minute ab workout, if it’s too difficult, take a break after the first round for 30 seconds before repeating the final round of the 5 exercises.

This will make it more manageable.

Lose the fat covering your abs

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Get a beautiful flat stomach with our 5 minute ab workout designed just for women that anyone can do for tighter toned abs. No equipment required.
Get flat toned abs with this super quick 5 minute ab workout for women using a mix of exercises to work your entire core. Abs workout for women.
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