Melt Fat Tone Muscle With This 20-minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout For Women

Melt fat and tone muscle with this dumbbell workout for women to lose weight. Another awesome workout with weights. Dumbbell Workout Weight Loss.

We leave no muscle untouched in this fat-burning muscle toning full-body dumbbell workout for women in just 20 minutes. Get ready for another awesome workout.

If you’re new to our blog welcome, I’m Luke, a full-time personal trainer and sports graduate, this dumbbell workout went down a treat with my clients last week. As always each workout is tried and tested by women to make sure it’s worthy of sharing. I wouldn’t want to give you a dud workout.

Dumbbells are such a great piece of equipment to use because they are extremely versatile. You can use them to target all of the major muscles in your body which makes them a great tool if you are trying to get a full body workout.

As you are lifting a weight you’ll also be burning more calories compared to their bodyweight equivalent. For example, when you do a goblet squat with a dumbbell you will burn more calories than if you did bodyweight squats for the same number of reps.

What’s more, if you are trying to lose weight fast then working your full body in one workout is so important for that metabolic boost you’re looking for.

Engaging in isolation exercises like dumbbell bicep curls and tricep extensions can be effective for focusing on specific muscles, and providing a targeted sensation. However, these exercises may not activate enough muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in a lower calorie burn.

Opting for compound exercises that involve multiple muscle groups in one movement is more efficient. This not only boosts energy expenditure during the workout but also requires a broader range of muscles to recover afterward.

This increased demand for recovery contributes to a heightened resting metabolic rate for the next 24-72 hours, accelerating the development of well-toned muscles.

In essence, incorporating compound exercises into your routine not only enhances calorie burning during the session but also promotes faster and more comprehensive muscle development.

I love including dumbbells into HIIT workouts as it gives you something more interesting to do. Although this routine is solely dumbbells, I’ll show you a brilliant full-body HIIT with dumbbells later on that you will love. Once it’s done I’ll link it in here in case you’re reading this after it’s posted.

This dumbbell workout can be done at any level, assuming you can do the moves in question. If you are a beginner you’d pick a lighter weight and work slower than if you are more advanced.

The idea of the workout is that the weight you start with is the weight you use for the entire workout. You shouldn’t need to change but if you do that’s fine.

If you’re up for a challenge the rule is; that you cannot let go of the dumbbells until after the last exercise. You are allowed to drop one weight while you do the dumbbell Snatch but only to put one weight down and swap after 10 reps.

The Workout – Melt Fat Tone Muscle Full Body 20-minute Dumbbell Workout For Women

Be sure to do a warm-up before you start. Warming up is a crucial step in preparing your body and mind for any physical or mental activity. Whether you’re about to engage in a workout, start a creative project, or tackle a challenging task, a proper warm-up sets the stage for success.

so be sure to use out HIIT warm up below.

What you need: pair of dumbbells ideally 10lbs or more and a Yoga Mat

20 total reps of each. For alternating exercises do 20 total reps, 10 per side.

  1. Renegade Row
  2. Lunges
  3. Thrusters
  4. Burpee Deadlifts
  5. Snatch
  6. Push Ups

Rest 1- 2 minutes. Repeat x 3

1. Renegade Row

This dumbbell exercise is great for developing a strong core.

  • Start in a modified high plank position. you want a narrow hand position and a wide foot stance for balance. You will be holding onto the dumbells during this exercise.
  • With one arm, lift the dumbbell up to the side of your body. As you do, squeeze your glute and core muscles as to not let your hips lift up or twist much.
  • Lower the dumbbell down to the floor.
  • That is one rep, repeat on the other arm for a total of 20 reps

2. Lunges with Dumbbells

Lunges are a great exercise for your glutes, hamstrings and quads (thighs and bum). Adding dumbbells makes this even more beneficial to your fat burning and muscle toning objectives.

  • Still holding the dumbbells start standing arms by your side and shoulder width.
  • Take a big step forwards, with your front foot flat on the floor and your back heal raised, lower your back knee down to the floor. In this position you should have both legs bent at about 90 degrees. if they are less than 90 then you need to take a bigger step.
  • Drive through the front heal back into a standing position.
  • Repeat on the next leg.

3. Dumbbell Thrusters

I absolutely love Thrusters they are such a demanding exercise that works so many major muscle groups making it an ideal exercise to do if you want to burn fat and get into great shape.

  • Start standing with your feet in your prefered squat position with the dumbbells resting on your shoulders (in your hands).
  • Initiate the move by squatting down so that hips sit level with your knees.
  • Drive up into a standing position and push the weights up above your head into an overhead press.
  • Once you have pushed the wights above your head and both arms are straight bring the weights back down to your shoulders and repeat the exercise.

4. Burpee Deadlifts

Two great exercises combined into one for even more pain.

  • Begin standing with your feet together and the dumbbells in your hands beside your body.
  • Place the dumbbells onto the floor either side of your feet.
  • Whilst holding onto the dumbbells, jump back into a high plank.
  • Jump back in between the dumbbells trying to land with flat feet.
  • From there flatten your back, drop your hips and deadlift the dumbbells up into a standing position.
  • That’s one rep.

5. Dumbbell Snatch

A tricky exercise to master but one that’s well worth it. Its another full body exercise used by many athletes as a staple exercise in their training.

  • With just one dumbbell, stand with a wide stance, holding the weight between your legs with a straight arm.
  • Bend your knees and lean forwards lowering the dumbbell below your knee. this is the start of the pull.
  • With knees bent, hips pushed back (feeling the tension in your hamstrings) and chest puffed out. Drive your hips forwards and pull the dumbbell up close to your body and over your head in one swift move to a fully extended arm.
  • That’s one rep.

Note; Mind your face and head as you lift the weight up and lower it back down again. All of the effort goes into the initial pull, once the weight passes your shoulders you should be guiding the weight up above your head.

6. Dumbbell Push Up

Technically its a bodyweight exercise but its done on the dumbbells which is actually nice if you have weak wrists.

  • Whether you start on your knees or toes place the dumbbells just wider than shoulder width.
  • Holding on to the weights lowering yourself down as low as you can.
  • Push yourself back up into a high plank or kneeling high plank.
  • That’s one rep.

How To Make This Workout Easier

If you are struggling with this dumbbell workout there are a few ways to make it more achievable so you get the benefits from it.

  1. If your weight is too heavy then reduce the weight.
  2. If you are getting out of breath and can’t complete the 20 reps on one go then you can either split each exercise to do 2 sets of 10 with a short break in the middle or have a longer rest after each exercise. Try to hit the 20 on each exercise.

If you liked this full body dumbbell workout let me know by leaving a comment below. If you have a Kettlebell this Full body HIIT with weights is a fun workout to do. 

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As always, work hard.

Melt fat and tone muscle with this dumbbell workout for women to lose weight. Get ready for another awesome workout with weights.
Melt fat and tone muscle with this dumbbell workout for women to lose weight. Another awesome workout with weights. Dumbbell Workout Weight Loss.
Do this at home dumbbell workout designed just for women. This workout with weights will work your entire body for a high energy workout that will burn plenty of calories.
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