Fun & Sweaty Home HIIT Workout With Weights

Add this HIIT workout with weights to your weekly routine to achieve your goals even faster. We believe that you deserve to look and feel amazing. Following a good workout plan is a huge part of that. High intensity interval training is one of the best ways to get fast results in a short amount … Read more

30-Minute Fat Blasting Home Workout with Dumbbells

Blast fat with this home HIIT workout with dumbbells and body weight exercises.

Here’s a super simple home workout with dumbbells that is nice and quick to do. So get those dumbbells, a little motivation and let’s get going. This is going to be a High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workout plan that includes a couple of dumbbell exercises. If you are new to HIIT then this … Read more

Are dumbbells good for toning arms

Having sleek toned arms are lovely to have. Especially when the suns out and you want to show them off. But how can you get them and are dumbbells good for getting toned arms.

So you are wondering whether dumbbells are good for toning your arms. In short yes, dumbbells and weights in general are ideal for toning your arms. Having sleek toned arms are lovely to have. Especially when the suns out and you want to show them off. Or just to pull off a nice new tank … Read more

6 Week Bikini Body Workout Plan For Rapid Results

Holiday booked? It's time to get beach body ready so you can feel amazing when you put on that new bikini or swimsuit. Start with our 6 week bikini body workout plan complete with starter diet plan and exercise plans.

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30 Day Workout Challenge Advanced HIIT

Do this advanced 30 day workout challenge at home for crazy fast results. This 4 week workout plan gives you a full body workout with no equipment needed!

Okay so it’s actually a 28 day workout plan or 4 weeks but we liked the sound of a 30 day workout challenge. Our last post, the 4 week workout plan for beginners, was so popular that we wanted to create something more challenging for the advanced exercises. Anyone that’s done our workouts here at … Read more

The Best Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Get rid of unwanted thigh fat with these 10 exercises designed to target your inner thighs and glutes for more tighter and toned legs. Plus get the kettlebell thigh and butt workout to lose weight in your thighs from home.

While big thighs and butts are in at the moment, we still have an obsession with fat and flab, especially in our thighs. Women naturally store more fat then men around their hips and thighs. It’s healthy to have some fat, it’s there for protection and makes a women look like a women. But when … Read more